There are MANY reasons Alkaline Water is better, but did you know it is considered the

GOLD STANDARD of Ionizers?

One reason why:


What does the Enagic® WQA certification mean?

We have now finished certification for the Enagic® K8 and the Enagic SD501. We have added the NSF18 certification to both models. That brings us to 4 different NSF certifications for our units, reestablishing Enagic® as the Gold Standard of the Water Ionizer industry when it comes to product safety and quality.
Here is a breakdown of the certifications we have received through the Water Quality Association.

NSF42: This section of the directory lists those drinking water treatment units which have been WQA certified in accordance with “Voluntary Industry Standard For Drinking Water Treatment Units–Aesthetic Effects,” NSF/ANSI-42, and is published periodically by the Water Quality Association (WQA), as a service to the industry and consumers. The WQA is a not-for-profit international association of manufacturers, distributors, and dealers of water treatment systems for household, commercial, and industrial applications. This on-line directory is continuously updated to identify those water treatment equipment products that have been tested and passed stringent industry standards to become certified by the Water Quality Association.

Certification means that a production model of the listed line of drinking water treatment units was tested at the Water Quality Association laboratory, or any of the other testing laboratories recognized by the Water Quality Association, and was found to have met the standards for reduction of specific aesthetic-related contaminants in drinking water. In addition, the materials and components used in these certified drinking water treatment units have met the rigorous safety and structural integrity and strength requirements set by industry Standard NSF/ANSI-42. Source
What this means to you is that the machine you are buying has been rigorously tested for both safety and quality. Every part that comes in contact with water from adapter to end of the flexible hose was extraction tested. This test process is where the units are exposed to water and soaked for 72 hours. The water is then tested for any chemicals that leach into the water from the internal parts to ensure that nothing harmful is leached into the water from the units. Next, the machine is placed under 150psi of pressure and plugged to test the integrity and quality of the materials used. This test establishes that in the case of a clogged filter that the machine will not leak under high pressure. The build quality is then tested as the product is then cycled with 50 psi of water pressure for 1 minute on and 1 minute off for 10,000 cycles. This assures the life span of the unit to be sure it will stand up to day to day use and continue to perform as required.

CSA B483.1:

This is the Canadian standard required for sale in certain areas namely Quebec. This standard requires that the machine not only pass all of the required tests for NSF42 but also must pass a life cycle testing for the unit as well. This testing is 50 psi for 50,000 cycles for the diverter. The diverter is cycled through all settings in 5 second intervals (by hand) 50,000 times. In order to pass the test the diverter cannot leak or require and extra pressure to operate or torque to change setting throughout the entire test process.

NSF372: Certification to NSF/ANSI 372

(Previously, WQA’s Other Recognized Document (ORD), ORD0902), was established by WQA to compile the minimum requirements for the evaluation of lead content in drinking water products, material, and components for compliance to laws, regulations, or other restrictions for lead content. NSF/ANSI 372 combines the lead content calculations from NSF/ANSI 61 – Annex G and the testing protocol established by the California Department of Toxic Substances. Certification to NSF/ANSI 372 demonstrates compliance to the following: California Health and Safety Code Section 116875 definition of “lead free” (A.K.A. NSF/ANSI 61 – Annex G, AB 1953), and Vermont’s lead in consumer products law, 9 V.S.A., Chapter 63, Subchapter 1C, and Any other law, regulation, or restriction on lead content that may use the same calculations and testing protocol to demonstrate “lead free” compliance.

Enagic® Alkaline Water machines are the ONLY machines with this certification

This is the easiest of the certifications to acquire, nonetheless important as you cannot sell water treatment devices without this certification in certain states i.e. California and Vermont. Soon nationwide requirements will go into effect as well in regards to lead free certifications. This certification has been obtained by at least one other company that sells water ionizers. This is only a lead free certification that is achieved by submitting water contact parts to be scanned and tested and also a list of wetted parts lists to include formulation of parts.
NSF18: This Standard contains requirements for equipment and devices that manually dispense food or beverages, in bulk or in portions. The materials, design, and construction requirements of this Standard may also be applied to an item that is manufactured as a component of food and beverage dispensing equipment. This Standard does not apply to vending machines, dispensing freezers, or bulk milk dispensing equipment covered by the scope of other NSF Standards.

NSF18 is our newest certification.

It has been required of us in areas of Washington State however this certification is applicable to users in restaurants and areas where the public will be served this water. It certifies the machine as a manual Food and Beverage dispensing unit. Sampling water at fairs, tradeshows, is now possible with this certification. TO obtain this certification, the machine must pass NSF42 and also be sanitary and have a way for user to maintain sanitary conditions throughout the life of the unit. Must pass vermin testing and design specs for making sure anything isn’t supposed to get into the unit will not get into the unit. The dispensed food item must be safe for consumption from the unit throughout its life span when properly maintain as per the user’s manual and provided instructions.
Enagic® Inc. is extremely dedicated to not only producing the best Alkaline Water but we are also striving to provide you the best peace of mind in the industry when both using and selling Enagic’s LeveLuk brand water ionizers. Certification is an expensive process that we feel is important to separate Enagic from the rest of the industry. NO COMPANY has the level of safety certifications that Enagic® continues to achieve in the entire industry worldwide. As we move further and further across the globe we will continue to certify our products to meet requirements as needed. However the main goal is simply to give you our customers and our lifeblood assurance that you are truly using the best product on the market period.

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