By Mikki Meisner

“Alkaline Water® is so expensive because of the marketing” True or false?

Is Alkaline Water® a pyramid scheme? I have seen many a controversial conversation about this. A pyramid scheme is a business that you HAVE to keep purchasing products in order to stay in the business to make money.

But a “Pyramid” is typically the structure of ALL businesses….Small businesses generally have a simple organizational structure, while the structure of larger corporations tends to be more complex. Corporate hierarchies typically resemble a pyramid—the more powerful people sit at the top, while employees with the least amount of power are at the bottom. CEO, Senior executives, President, Vice president, upper management, lower management, Employees …. And most people are used to that structure. When you draw it out – it looks a lot like a “Pyramid” – but is that a pyramid scheme?

The majority of the US are employees. They don’t have to worry about the investment, the taxes, the stress and headache of having a business, let alone managing all the employees and taxes and and and…. It’s easy. It’s simple. It pays the bills.


And if it doesn’t? Well…. you get a better job –

or a “Side Hustle” ….

With toda’ys economy, a LOT of people are looking for alternative ways to make money or supplement their incomes. A lot of jobs went away due to the pandemic of 2020 and it’s looking a lot like they aren’t coming back, due to the fact that it is now 2022 and we are STILL in the pandemic….. Numerous people are working from home and re-evaluating whether or not they even want to go back to the commute. Not to mention what’s happening with school… with many children now being homeschooled full or part time we are seeing more people look for alternatives. Ways to juggle being at home and at work simultaneously. With all of that pivoting and re-evaluating, it has inspired many to get out of their comfort zone, pursue their passion and maybe even explore starting their own businesses so they can make their own our hours. Here is the bad news…

Starting your own business will typically cost you around $65,000.00.


Which makes direct sales and MLM opportunities pretty attractive. You can usually get into an MLM with a few hundred bucks – with one small catch. With a typical MLM, you have to keep purchasing more product every month and recruiting others to do the same in order to stay active or to qualify to make any money. In an MLM, the “dream” is to enroll enough people who continually purchase products and who enroll enough people who continually purchase products and who enroll enough people so that …. you get the idea. This is where the term “pyramid scheme” starts to actually LOOK like a pyramid scheme.

The problem with that style of business? What do you do with ALL THOSE PRODUCTS!? And what if people don’t keep repurchasing? It makes it incredibly hard to MAKE money, when you are constantly having to spend money, and rely on income based on people under you having to do the same.

Having to keep buying a certain amount of product every month can get expensive. And if you’re not working it like you mean it…You wind up with a lot of inventory you don’t need and a lot of people on your team with the same problem. Not an attractive business model. this is why MLM’s have a bad name. Most people don’t make any money in those. Hence the word “Scheme” in Pyramid scheme.

Not to say that they are not good products, but having to spend $150 per month in order to qualify for a $50.00 commission check – well that math just doesn’t add up. No matter how lousy you are at math (I myself might be Guilty)

So when people ask if Enagic® Alkaline Water® machines are a “pyramid scheme” I can’t help but roll my eyes. Because Enagic Alkaline Water® Systems are sold by people who had a great experience drinking the water, purchased their own system and now have the right to earn income by referring their friends and family… It does have that flavor. But 98% of Enagic’s customers are just that. Customers. They are just people who loved a product and bought it for the results they got. Doesn’t sound like a pyramid scheme at all.

Enagic® has been a Japanese certified medical grade ionizer endorsed by the Japanese association of medicine – and has been for the past 47 years.

It is marketed by customers who have purchased or tried the products and experienced the benefits. After hearing some of them, it would be hard NOT to tell folks what it’s done for you. It’s a brilliant way of marketing, rewarding customers for telling their friends and family – but that does not make it a pyramid scheme.

Enagic®‘s Alkaline Water® is endorsed by some of the top minds in medicine, both naturopathic and allopathic, one of which is Dr. Hiromi Shinya who is the #1 gastroenterologist in the world. Why does he endorse it? Because it hydrates your blood at the cellular level astonishingly fast, affecting the health of the colon drastically.

They are also an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and are ISO certified in three categories. (International Standards Organization) is a very high qualification – but in three categories? These guys are serious!

They are also a company built on referrals – and have corporate offices in 32 countries. So… if they were a pyramid scheme or a “scam”… they are a darn good one!

Numbers don’t lie. A company with the kinds of credentials we boast, and the kind of results we produce simply would not be sustainable. We recommend going to Google Scholar, and typing in “ERW” (Electronically Reduced Water – which is a more scientifically recognized term) A prestigious sustainable company like that – simply cannot be a pyramid scheme.

You can also go to PubMed and search ERW – where you will find lots of research on the subject

An investment of $3000, to $5000 for a life changing appliance that lasts for 25 (or more) years – (and what other appliance can you say THAT about?) whose company slogan is “Change Your Water, Change Your Life® ( I will admit – after having been with them for 14 years I will honestly say I thought it sounded ridiculous at first and now see it as a huge UNDERSTATEMENT) Is an incredibly sweet deal. It is the healthiest water you can drink, has very little maintenance, creates waters that can replace most if not all your household chemicals (WHICH IS WHY ENAGIC® HAS AWARDS FOR THEIR GREEN TECHNOLOGY)

Alkaline Water® is anything BUT a pyramid scheme.

It’s the real deal!

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