Whole body Vibe for weight loss

“21 Surprising Benefits of Whole Body Vibration for Weight Loss”

Because it’s moving the “good stuff in” and helping to get “the bad stuff out”, it totally helps with weight loss!

Other benefits of WBV include: Reduces cellulite, Improves circulation, Boosts lymphatic drainage, Promotes muscle growth, Improves balance and stability, Enhances flexibility, Supports joint health, Reduces stress and anxiety, Supports bone density, Improves posture, Increases energy levels, Boosts mood, Supports weight loss efforts, Improves digestion, Reduces muscle soreness, Increases overall strength, Supports cardiovascular health, Improves sleep quality, Enhances athletic performance, AND Supports mental clarity and focus.

The best massage is an intuitive massage.

“Experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation at Kangen Water Store! Our expert massage therapists use a combination of deep tissue and intuitive body work techniques to help release tension and toxins, while promoting overall health and wellness. And to enhance the benefits of your massage, we recommend hydrating with our alkaline, micro-clustered Kangen water

How to Increase Hydrogen Levels in the Body: The Key to Better Health

How to Increase Hydrogen Levels in the Body: The Key to Better Health

Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is essential for life. The body uses hydrogen in many ways, from producing energy to detoxifying cells. However, many people may not be getting enough hydrogen in their diet, which can lead to a host of health problems. Therefore, it is important to find ways to increase hydrogen levels in the body.

What Do Cows Know About Alkaline Water??

Dairy Farms Study in JapanAN interesting article about Cows and ERW. (Electronically Reduced Water – AKA “Alkaline Water” or “Alkaline Water”) “Cows can’t lie”Use of Alkaline Water on Dairy Farms in Japan Water is an important but often overlooked nutrient for cows. After the Japanese people were introduced to alkaline water and witnessed the positive …

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