What Do Cows Know About Alkaline Water??

Dairy Farms Study in JapanAN interesting article about Cows and ERW. (Electronically Reduced Water – AKA “Alkaline Water” or “Alkaline Water”) “Cows can’t lie”Use of Alkaline Water on Dairy Farms in Japan Water is an important but often overlooked nutrient for cows. After the Japanese people were introduced to alkaline water and witnessed the positive …

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Artificial Alkaline Water

I recently cam across an article that claimed ionized water was “artificially alkaline” and “Tricked the body into being alkaline causing all sorts of health issues. Is “artificially alkaline water harmful? When someone makes a statement, I want to know:Who said that?What are their qualifications?What are their motivations?Where is their documentation, their data? Some of …

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A lot of people ask me about this… so I thought I would pass it on… Most people have heard about anti-oxidants, as food/supplement sources undergoincreasing amounts of marketing. “Pomegranates, tablets, green tea or chocolate?”Meanwhile most people don’t understand oxidation fully – perhaps the adverts you arereading are telling you they cause aging. To expand …

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