Artificial alkaline water? Fact or fake?

I recently cam across an article that claimed ionized water was “artificially alkaline” and “Tricked the body into being alkaline causing all sorts of health issues.

Is “artificially alkaline water harmful?

When someone makes a statement, I want to know:
Who said that?
What are their qualifications?
What are their motivations?
Where is their documentation, their data?

Some of what the article stated:

The Body and Alkaline Water: Facts

The body’s ability to maintain its pH balance is critical: Most people’s bodies are, in fact, acidic at the cellular level.1
The rationale for drinking alkaline water is that it will correct this imbalance: Holes can be poked in this theory. For one, the real cause of excess acidity at the cellular level is a deficiency of actual alkalinizing or alkaline reserve minerals. These minerals are what you are born with and what comes from your diet.
Despite what seems obvious, drinking artificially alkaline water fails to replace these vital minerals: Consuming it actually depletes them by making the body think that it is alkaline, causing it to release reserve alkaline minerals through the blood and kidneys, and ultimately making the person deficient in the end.
Alkaline water machines replace the good minerals with small amounts of platinum and titanium found in the plates the water runs over in the ionization process.
These metals are toxic.
The carbon filtration systems in place for tap water fail to remove enough of the toxic chemicals in the water.
When drinking artificially alkaline water, you end up ingesting chlorine, fluorides, aluminum, and even pesticides.
Drink Living, Natural Water – Pass on the Artificial

The article went on and on, but at the end of the day… They are selling a product….

Comments on this article:
by Lauri Tauscher, BSME

There is no author. I looked all over the website. When I clicked on “About Us”, it is BLANK!!!! Contact Us: no name. There is no way to verify any kind of credentials if there is no “Author”.
FYI: My credentials: Lauri Tauscher, BSME (Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering) from Oregon State University 1984. 5 years working in the electronics industry in circuit board manufacturing which uses ELECTROLYSIS!!! Same technology as Water Ionizers. My super-power is critical thinking skills which I used to advance, became a Regional Manager – successful. My oldest child had severe health issues (based on reading hundreds of books on nutrition, physiology, biology and talking to numerous wholistic doctors these issues were due to generations of poor nutrition, vaccinations, antibiotics – had completely shut down his digestive system). So then I learned a LOT about health and the human body as we worked diligently to recover his health. Also successful in this endeavor!!!!!
This website is SELLING WATER!!! Motivation for trashing what they refer to as “artificial alkaline water” is HUGE!
Waiakea Water is $3 per liter (You can get a big box which brings it down to ~$2.3/liter, but the website states the most popular size is the liter).
So for a family of TWO (most families have FOUR people), drinking 2 liters a day each (I drink 4 liters a day and I use water in cooking and……), for a month, that would be: $3/liter X 2 liters/day X 2 people X 30 days = $360/month!!!!! WOW – there is some motivation for you!.
In comparison you can get an Enagic SD501 for $150/month (or less) and have it paid off in 2 years and then your water is FREE!!!
Now to content:
This author states that ionized water is “artificial” and does not have true minerals. The author also states that ionized water will then “deplete” your body’s minerals. And the author states that alkaline water machines replace good minerals with toxic platinum and titanium AND that you will ingest chlorine, fluoride, aluminum and pesticides when drinking water from these machines.
If that is not enough to scare you away from a Water Ionizing Machine I do not know what is!!!!! And THAT Ladies and Gentlemen is the POINT! To SCARE you away form a competing technology.

The Author present NO DOCUMENTATION for any of these claims!
There is no such thing as “Artificially Alkaline Water”. Please remember MY credentials.
I am not going to speak to the general Water Ionizer Industry, just Enagic Machines.
The “engine” in an Enagic machine is composed of Platinum Coated Titanium electrolysis Plates. They have a “Positive” side and a “Negative” side. Tap water runs through a basic carbon filter then into the electrolysis chamber where the “Positive” side of the plates attracts all the negative ions in the water and the “Negative” side attracts all the positive ions in the water. Positive minerals include (but are not limited to) calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium. So the “Enagic Engine” simply “concentrates” the alkaline minerals in the tap water into the “Alkaline Stream”. So. There is NOTHING ARTIFICIAL about that! The Alkaline Water from an Enagic machine simply has a CONCENTRATION of the NATURAL alkaline minerals that are in the tap water! Note: If there are no minerals in the tap water it cannot be ionized.
So – the author of this article is making a FALSE statement with NO DOCUMENTATION.
I have two friends that had osteoporosis. Their bone densities were continually going down. When they started drinking Alkaline Water, their bone densities started going up. Alkaline Water does NOT deplete your minerals! (No medical claims are being made, these are personal testimonies. Results will vary)
If you are really curious, take a sample of Alkaline Water to a lab and ask for a test of what minerals are in it. Other people have done so and found the Alkaline Water to be rich in minerals. We have used a TDS (total Dissolved solids) meter and measured tap water and the then the Alkaline Water made from that same tap water, it definitely increased the TDS (which is not a measure of but is indicative of mineral content).
Toxic platinum and titanium in Alkaline Water.
Again, the author provides NO DOCUMENTATION.
Alkaline Water has been tested by and approved by the FDA (go to to see the documentation) and has been “certified” safe for consumption.
Enagic is making 20,000+ machine sales a month in HUNDREDS of countries. We are ISO (International Standards Organization) certified for Quality, Environmental Safety, and as a Medical Device Manufacturer. Enagic machines are used in hundreds of hospitals and by thousands of doctors world-wide. Ron Hicks (Google him) is a uber-successful medical device inventor (he owns two Lear jets and has met with Presidents Obama and Trump, his inventions are used in hospitals all over the world). Ron had his Super-Star engineers take apart an Enagic machine and they all said it was superior technology and manufacturing and they all bought Enagic machines for themselves! I could make this paragraph a book, so this is just a sample. There is NO WAY all this could be happening if Enagic machines produced toxic water. I spoke to a Naturopath who actually had water tested from multiple water ionizer brands at a Lab. ALL the ionizers produced water with heavy metals EXCEPT the Enagic machine.
And the concept of “replacing good minerals with toxic metals” is not even a thing (not scientifically possible). So – again – just words meant to scare people but with no basis in science and NO DOCUMENTATION.
The Author states “you will ingest chlorine, fluoride, aluminum and pesticides when drinking water from these machines.”
The filter in the Enagic machine is a basic carbon filter.
It does remove Chlorine. Easy to show with a small $5 bottle of chlorine indicator. So – AGAIN, the Author is making a false statement and does not provide documentation. He/She is either ignorant or intentionally lying. Either of which makes the author not a good source of information.
The carbon filter is not certified to remove fluoride. The electrolysis process will split the fluoride into the acid stream (not the alkaline drinking water). But that process is not 100%. So if fluoridated tap water is run through an Enagic machine, it WILL have some fluoride still in the drinking water. Enagic sells a pre-filter that removes fluoride. There are also other filter companies that sell filters to remove fluoride and if you have fluoridated water we highly recommend that you put such a pre-filter after your tap and before the Enagic machine.
As for aluminum, pesticides, and multiple other toxins that might be in your tap water: The Enagic carbon filter is a BASIC filter. It is not designed to remove everything toxic that might be in your water. To have a filtration system big and robust enough to deal with every possible water contaminate would be thousands of dollars and huge. So if you have a specific water quality issue with your source water, we highly recommend that you find the appropriate filtration equipment to deal with that issue and install your Enagic Water System AFTER the prefiltration. The Enagic machine is designed to IONIZE CLEAN water, not take toxic water and make it potable (safe to drink).

So, to reiterate, there is nothing such as “artificial alkaline water”.

Alkaline Wate®r from an Enagic® machine is mineral rich by concentrating alkaline minerals that are in the tap water (if there are no minerals in the tap water there are no minerals in the Alkaline Water, and if there ARE minerals in the tap water, they are natural and all the Enagic® machine does is concentrate them in the alkaline stream).

No one has ever found platinum or titanium or any other toxic metal in Alkaline Water. If someone wants to claim that there is toxic elements in Alkaline Water, they should provide the documentation rather than making FALSE CLAIMS – that is slander, and they could be sued (although Enagic has not reason to do so since their claims are so easily debunked).

I hope all of this helps!

Lauri Tauscher, BSME, OSU.

PS, (This is Mikki)

Alkaline Wate®r helps your body get back into Homeostasis (Ph Balanced) NOT because the water is alkaline… but because of how the three properties (ALkalinity, antioxidants AND micro-clustering) work together to hydrate at the cellular level and remove toxic waste.

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