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Mikki & Marty Meisner are the founders of Alkaline® Water Store in Vancouver Washington and we are leaders in Enagic® – a Japanese company whose innovative technology is the Gold Standard of ionizers. Enagic® machines transform your regular tap water into Alkaline® Water, pure, healthy, electrically reduced hydrogen-rich drinking water.

Mikki has been an Independent distributor for Enagic® for over 13 years and is an alkaline ionized water expert. She is a two-time naturopathic cancer survivor, an herbalist, and a certified Theta healing practitioner. She has a vast network of professionals and a passion for helping people heal. Her journey has brought her deep insight and she generously shares it with all on the path.

Marty Meisner is a video marketing strategist and has played an invaluable role in helping bring Alkaline® Water to the community. His technological support and business knowledge help balance out the “woo”. Marty’s love of people and creative genius makes the whole experience uplifting and fun.

“We wanted to make Alkaline® Water available to everyone in a professional way, give it the credibility and authority we know it deserves, be able to educate people about it, and create a safe space for community and education. We brought together everything and everyone we know who hold important pieces to the health and healing puzzle and put it into one place, so we can co-awesome-ate together and help people in a much bigger way. And… we wanted it to be fun and inviting at the same time.”

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