by Mikki Meisner

I have been an Independant Distributor of Alkaline Water for over 13 years now.
I have seen many many ionizer companies come and go, change their names and continuously compare themselves to Enagic®, and then defame Enagic’s Alkaline Water systems. This is an important decision, and I want you to have all the facts. 
Unfortunately, not everyone on the internet is as honest as we are….

I promise you, we will be 100% transparent with you.
So let’s get into it.

Here are some questions you should ask ANY “Ionizer expert” before you make your decision on WHICH ionizer is the right one for you…

What are your credentials and certifications? Are you ISO certified? Enagic’s® credentials and certifications are unrivaled.   I for one would not put my name behind any other ionizer. My clients get unbelievable results. All day long they come into our wellness center and tell me their stories – how their bodies have changed since getting hydrated with Alkaline Water.

I have to admit, I am addicted to their stories. It’s why I do what I do even when people think I am crazy or think that what they find on the google search is actual RESEARCH – Spoiler alert, It’s not. (more on that in a minute) Click here to view our credentials and certifications. 

Is your machine medical grade? If so, in which country?  Enagic® machines are MEDICAL GRADE. Every component that goes into them is anti-mold, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and pure medical grade. All the way down to  the metal that energizes the water to the silver lined hoses that the water comes out of. This is important. (You’ve seen the inside of a pipe, right? Eeew) Enagic® has addressed that to make sure their machines will still be giving pure Alkaline water® now, and 10 years from now, 20 years from now. It’s the only ionizer on the market that addresses that very important issue. Enagic® is ISO 13485 which means it is certified as medical equipment in Japan, which is the HARDEST and strictest country to obtain medical certification. Many ionizers will SAY they are medical grade, but being considered “Medical Grade” is NOT the same in, say, Korea as it is in Japan, who are incredibly detailed in their qualifications. 

Can this machine be deep cleaned? Every ionizer has a “self clean mode” – but any ionizer that claims that is enough is lying to you. 75% of America has hard water. The ability to descale the calcium from the plates is the ONLY way to ensure that your machine will last for years to come. This is one thing that sets our machine apart from ALL the others…  Enagic machines have 4 different ways that they can be cleaned. Other ionizers will say “Enagic® is inferior because there is so much maintenance on them.”  The truth is that without proper cleaning ANY ionizer will calcify over time. Enagic’s® machine’s have a self cleaning mode, (as do all ionizers,) but that falls laughably short of what is actually needed. An Enagic® machine comes with a cleaning cartridge and we recommend it be done monthly. In addition they can be factory deep cleaned to remove calcium buildup, which ALL machines are prone to. And how would you know if your machine was not working properly?  You will stop getting results. But it won’t happen overnight. It will happen so slowly that you won’t even realize it’s happening. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a car that you couldn’t change the oil in. Why would you buy an ionizer that could not be deep cleaned? The insides of an Enagic® ionizer are bolted together (rather than glued like other ionizers – another good question to ask) That means the machine can be serviced YEARS down the road if need be and is not a throw away machine. It’s the ONLY machine that can boast that feature.

Does this machine create CONTINUOUS electrolysis? Enagic® uses a hybrid system  for their power supply – meaning they use both SMPS and a transformer. That means that the 230 watts of electrolysis are continuous. SMPS is “half on, half off” and so if the wattage is 230, you actually only get 115. It’s the only ionizer on the market that offers continuous electrolysis. That is why the “crazy unbelievable healing stories”  come from Enagic’s Alkaline Water® Ionizers. Make sure you are ACTUALLY getting what you are paying for.

Do you offer a MANUFACTURER’S Warranty? Warranty is IMPORTANT. Enagic® is the only ionizer on the market that offers a MANUFACTURER’S warranty. A Manufacturer’s warranty means that it’s backed by and serviced by the people who made the machine, rather than a sales person or an LLC that can change at any time. Enagic® boasts an A+ rating by the BBB and in my 12 years of sharing and educating about this product, I  proudly stand behind their standards, policies and procedures. We offer a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty that covers virtually anything that could go wrong. We also offer a realistic renewable warranty which can be purchased at any time. Anything less than a manufacturer’s warranty is a useless piece of paper and cannot hold up. A “lifetime” or “Forever” warranty may sound great, but is not only NOT sustainable, but still isn’t  backed by the manufacturer. Rendering it useless. Make sure you buy from a reputable company that offers a manufacturer’s warranty. Nothing less. 

Are they WQA Gold Seal certified?  Enagic® Ionizers are also WQA GOLD SEAL certified, meaning it’s licensed to serve water in public and industrially settings. Most (all?) ionizers’ warranty is void if more than just a few gallons a day are used. The Water Quality Association (WQA) is a not-for-profit international trade association representing the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry. WQA maintains a close dialogue with other organizations representing different aspects of the water industry in order to best serve consumers, government officials, and industry members.The WQA Official Gold Seal Listing program is dedicated to providing public health and safety services throughout the USA and globally, while maintaining expert service, superior reputation, and fair pricing. Product Certification ensures that our product is constructed from safe materials, the claims listed on the packaging are backed by test data, and our product will hold up under normal and industrial usage conditions. No ionizer should ever be used in a public setting without this certificate. Make sure you have the WQA gold seal. (Also make sure that you search the WQA website to verify that the company that claims to have this certification actually has it. After many hours (years?) of research we have found that companies that claim to have it don’t actually have it at all….

What is their customer service like? Do they fully educate you on the product even after purchase?   An Enagic® distributors’ job is to educate, share water with you, and support you. Even after you purchase your Enagic® Alkaline Water® System, you will have a lot of questions. That is what your distributor gets paid to do. If you buy an Enagic® machine online, (or another brand) you won’t have the support that comes from working with a distributor. The person who exposed you to the water and educated you about it should be be the one that makes the sale. They will be there to help you years down the road. It’s about relationships and helping people. That is how the business model is designed to work.

Does the machine make Alkaline Water®? Alkaline Water® is a trademarked name. It means “Back to Origin” and only an ENAGIC® machine is capable of making true Alkaline Water®. Any company that tells you they have the same thing is lying. 

Does the machine use a saline enhancer solution in order to make 2.5 & 11.5?  True 11.5 and 2.5 hypochlorous acid can only be made by utilizing enhancer solution, which has salt in it. In order to make hypochlorous acid, you MUST add salt. Because the pH scale is logarithmic, anything above 2.5 will NOT kill the 99.999% of germs, viruses and bacteria that an Enagic® machine will. Which is why it can be used in Japanese hospitals to sterilize equipment and wounds. 

How long will the machine last?  I have personally serviced Enagic machines that are over 25 years old and still work like new. (my own is over 12 years old) Each Enagic machine is assembled by a single employee from start to finish. They are an OEM  (Original Equipment Manufacturer) company who cares about quality control . They make every single component of their equipment down to the very box it is shipped in. When you purchase an Enagic® ionizer you can rest assured it will be the only one you will ever have to buy. They are built to last. Enagic® has been certified Medical equipment since 1976, and will be here many decades more. They export everywhere in the world and have corporate offices in 32 countries. In short, you can TRUST them.

Is the equipment a tax Write off?  The Enagic® business model is about whole health. Which includes Body, Mind, Finances. We are a privately held company and plan on staying that way. Our founder, Mr. Oshiro, wanted to provide a business opportunity to people. He grew up very poor and has employed thousands of people just in his own community and provided a sustainable income for anyone willing to work for it. Personal development is the cornerstone of our business model. Our mission is to spread TRUE health, with compassion, one family at a time. After over 46 years, Enagic has sold millions of machines worldwide. For me personally it’s a dream come true to be able to help people in this way. Both with their health, and to help them create a sustainable income while teaching them how to help others. It truly is win/win. 

Does the price fluctuate?  I purchased my Enagic® Alkaline Water system in 2008. It was $3,980.00, which was a LOT of money to me at the time. That machine is still in use on my showroom floor and still works every bit as well as it did 12 years ago and is still the same price. This shows that Enagic® is NOT about the money, but is about providing quality products and an opportunity to all. For all the things my system has done for me, my family members and my friends and now business partners… I truly believe that an Enagic® ionizer is EASILY worth 10 X the asking price. I mean, have you priced medical equipment lately? A friend just bought a hospital bed for her husband… it was $4,000.00 It went up and down. That’s it! Just…up…..and down…. The Alkaline® system can potentially replace every toxic household chemical you use, make unlimited antioxidants AND take the oil based herbicides and pesticides off your produce. Personally, I think they are too cheap. They would be a lot more believable if they WERE $40,000.00! I read a website that was claiming that our equipment was “old technology” and hadn’t been updated in years. One of the reasons Enagic® can boast not having to raise the price is because their technology works. And if it works so well – why would you need to improve upon it all the time? Each year, those “other” ionizer companies come out with a new latest greatest better than before machine. Why keep improving it if it is great to begin with?

Can I try the water?  Enagic® is ALL all about results. We share water because we KNOW that it works. Other companies will tell you “It tastes like water” or “We don’t do business that way” Our “try before you buy” policy is WHY people are searching for KANGEN®. 

At the Alkaline Water store ( #vancouverwaterclub ) we offer two weeks free, so you try it and learn about it and make a truly INFORMED decision. (real research is, after all, a hands on thing”)

What about the other ionizers on the market that pop up on a Google search?  Think about this: When you Google “Alkaline®” what comes up? ALL the other ionizers. Why?  Because Alkaline® WORKS. And the REASON you are looking at ionizers is because you heard that KANGEN® was amazing or you TRIED the water and are now looking online. Other ionizer companies know this, and wouldn’t even be in business if people had not gotten amazing results from drinking Alkaline® and are now being bombarded by “competitive machines” claiming to do the same thing for half the price. Please know this: After 13 years in the business, I can truthfully say if there were a better ionizer, or another ionizer that did the same thing for half the cost I WOULD BE SELLING THAT ONE. I actually have several “cheap half priced copy cat knock off machines” in my garage. Why? Because they didn’t work.

I get that this feels like a sizable investment. As a matter of fact, it’s so important that you can’t afford to make a mistake! Does it actually make sense to drink water from one machine, get certain results, and then expect to get the same results from another brand that isn’t even made out of the same thing or have the same engine or cleaning capabilities?  No!

What Dr.s are behind your product?  There have been many dr.s, chiropractors and scientists who have tested these ionizers side by side. Dr. Michael is one of them. He not only tested them… But he bought them to try to help his daughter, Skylar. He tried several (I think 7 or 8 but don’t quote me on that) and THEN his wife brought home the Alkaline®. He wasn’t interested. “We tried ionized water.” he said…. She persisted, and long story short…Her life changed DRASTICALLY because of Alkaline Water. And now… her life depends on it. You can watch Dr. Michaels testimony here. Dr Hiromi Shinya is another. He pioneered the Colonoscopy and the laparoscopic surgery (it’s actually referred to as the “Shinya method”) and is also a proud board member of Enagic, the company that makes Alkaline Water machines. Shinya boasts  being the #1 gastroenterologist in the world and insists you buy an ENAGIC® machine to be one of his patients. (Not another brand, and Enagic KANGEN Water® machine) 

What is the return Policy? Is there a restocking fee?  Enagic has a no questions asked 30 day return policy. They are very upfront about the restocking fees – and you will find NO fine print about warranties. We actually have so few people ever return their machines this just isn’t even a thing.  

How much water can the machine produce in a day before the warranty is void? Enagic® Alkaline Water machines are designed to produce delicious CONTINUOUS purified ionized electrolyzed restructured water all day long. The water that is poured at 8 am is every bit as powerful as the water poured at 6 pm even if the machine has been run all day long. It’s designed to be used by many and get results all day long. Each machine is capable of producing at least 300 gallons per day, and will never overheat. 

How long will the water hold the properties? You can expect to get results with water up to 3 days old. Enagic® distributors share the water knowing that you will need to get it fresh and regularly. No ionizer can hold the structure of the water longer than a few days – and most ionizers on the market will produce water that is only good at point of use.  

Do you have personal testimonies? Most people who sell them do. We live for the stories of people who drank our water and got incredible results. If you are looking for a testimony or a story of a particular malady, ask us our personal experience. Most likely the person you are speaking with had significant benefits by drinking Alkaline Water with similar issues. Or better yet, come hang out at our water store and hear folks’ stories first hand. We never say the water heals or cures anything, but rather, Alkaline Water, because of its structuring, antioxidants and superior hydration give the body the tools it needs to heal itself. 

At the end of the day, it really is all about results.
We are in the business of serving people, helping people and striving to just make the world a better, healthier, happier place. There are a lot of ways to save money, (And owning a Alkaline Water system WILL actually SAVE you money if you utilize it!) but water makes up 75% of the body, and that just simply is NOT the place to scrimp on cost OR quality. 

We are here to offer the best water, the best education and the best service now, and in the years to come. 

Cheers, Mikki

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